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During the course, you will learn how to use kitefoil-specific equipment, which includes a foil board, kite and bar. It is important to learn how to assemble, disassemble and maneuver this equipment properly.

Theory: The course often begins with a theory portion, in which the basics of kitefoil are explained, including wing flight theory, foil theory, and safety.

Before entering the water, you could do exercises on land to learn how to handle the equipment, simulate body positioning and basic maneuvers.

Practice in shallow water: You will start practicing in shallow water to gain confidence with the foil. This initial phase will allow you to practice balancing on the foil board and handling the wing properly.

Advanced maneuvers: After learning the basics, you might start practicing advanced maneuvers such as turns, translations, braking and acceleration.

Safety: Safety is a fundamental part of the kitefoil course. You will learn how to handle emergency situations, how to autorescue, and how to avoid collisions with other kiters or obstacles in the water.



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