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The kitesurfing school at Marsala’s Stagnone.

Welcome to Marsala Kitesurfing, your gateway to a world of excitement and adrenaline in the heart of the Stagnone of marsala in Sicily, a magical lagoon that has become one of the most coveted places for kitesurfers from all over Europe. With its unique features, Marsala Kitesurf at Stagnone is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn or improve their kitesurfing skills: the kitesurfing school customizes kitesurfing courses for all levels.

learn kitesurfing at marsala stagnone with us!

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Kitesurfing Courses

Kitesurf stagnone

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Kitesurfing courses for everyone!

Book a kitesurfing course at Stagnone of Marsala, the wind and unique features of the Stagnone are unique ingredients for a “recipe” proven over the years that can put you on the board in 2 days.
In the middle of the marsala salt flats inside the stagnone reserve, marsala kitesurfing is the place to make you fall in love with kitesurfing.
In addition to kitesurfing courses, we offer as services the rental of kitesurfing equipment north kiteboarding and the possibility of a unique downwind along the entire length of the stagnone to discover by kitesurfing the unexplored corners of the lagoon.

The marsala kitesurf team at the stagnone: the kitesurf school in Sicily!

Come learn kitesurfing in sicily at the stagnone di marsala a team of IKO and fiv certified instructors will do their best to offer you professionalism and safety in the perrcoso of learning this maglifico sport.
The team of kitesurfing instructors is captained by andrea alagna who was for many years chief instructor and brand ambassador of “le vie del vento” the first kitesurfing school in sicily back in the 2000s.

Andrea Alagna

andrea alagna, head of the kitesurfing school “kitesurf marsala” is a federal kitesurfing instructor. He was one of the very first kiters to bring kitesurfing to the Stagnone Lagoon in the early 2000s.

9 IKO instructors at your disposal. Terrific guys, polyglot, and hyper-trained to offer you not only a kitesurfing course but inseparable companions in your kitesurfing learning journey.
Marsala Kitesurf is the most Italian of the kitesurfing schools at Stagnone, the instructors are Stagnone locals, friends and lifelong companions,

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wind and beauty

the Stagnone is a lagoon, has shallow water and is classified as a nature reserve. Stagnone is located on the west coast of Sicily, near the city of Marsala.

The spot is one of the best places to practice and learn water sports and kitesurfing throughout the year. It is considered one of the best commercials in Italy, and not without reason.

Walking on soft ground will definitely help you move around the lagoon easier and faster.

Friendly people, “good vibes” and great food is what sets Stagnone apart from other Italian locations.
In nearby restaurants and bars you can taste typical Marsala wine, local pasta (busiate) and red shrimp from Mazara del Vallo.

When to come kiting in Sicily?
We are normally open most of the year. So please contact us and we will be happy to help you.
The busiest period tends to be August.
The kitesurfing season in Sicily is one of the longest in Europe, Can’t believe it?

a lagoon without waves

We are at the center of the marsala pond Where Learning Is a Child’s Play


The magic of our wave-free lagoon is undeniable. This unique environment offers an unparalleled perspective for those who wish to learn kitesurfing or improve their skills. The lack of waves makes learning to kitesurf an accessible experience for everyone from beginners to experts. In this setting, the steady wind and flat water create a perfect environment in which aspiring kitesurfers can focus on kite control and board mastery without the complications of waves. Our wave-free lagoon is an ideal place to gain confidence and rapid progress in kitesurfing. So get ready to ride the breezes with confidence, because here your dream of mastering kitesurfing becomes a reality more easily than ever before.


Stagnone: The best kitesurf spot in italy

How to reach the stagnone?

caution: do not read the instructions, kitesurfing and Stagnone are addictive*.

*controindications: quarrels with husbands, wives, companions*.
Uncontrolled abandonment of all other sports and hobbies.
You will never travel anywhere else again.

The Stagnone of Marsala where Marsala Kitesurf is located can be reached via the Trapani-Marsala airport served by the air carrier RyanAir, which connects Western Sicily with Italy and all of Europe. Other flights are operated by Ita Airways.

The airport is less than a 5-minute drive from Stagnone and our school, for your convenience we recommend renting a scooter or car.

Other nearby Airports: Palermo Airport is only 100km away (about an hour’s drive) and Catania which is about 350km away.