Lo stagnone

The Stagnone Lagoon

find out why everyone is crazy about it!

Welcome to the lagoon of Lo Stagnone, a magical place that makes kitesurfing a unique and unforgettable experience. Why is Lo Stagnone the perfect place to learn kitesurfing? Let’s find out together:

Shallow Water and Shallow Seabed: The Stagnone is famous for its shallow water, with an average high of about 50-60 centimeters. This feature makes the lagoon ideal for beginners, as it is possible to touch the bottom at any time, providing greater safety and ease in learning to kitesurf.

Flat Sea and Absence of Waves: Due to its geographical location, the Stagnone is in communication with the open sea at only two points, which means that the lagoon is a sheltered environment protected from waves. The absence of waves allows beginners to kitesurf in extremely flat and controlled conditions, ideal for gaining confidence and mastery of the board and kite.

Constant Wind: The Stagnone is known for the constant wind that blows for more than 300 days a year. This makes the lagoon an ideal area for kitesurfing at any time of year, ensuring a steady supply of wind to experience the thrill of riding the waves.

Safety and Education: Lo Stagnone Lagoon is an ideal place to receive kitesurfing lessons, thanks to its controlled conditions and the presence of experienced instructors. Learning here will allow you to quickly master the necessary skills and be surrounded by professionals who will take care of your safety on the water.

the wind at Lo Stagnone

The wind system at Stagnone di Marsala is a key element that makes this place an ideal kitesurfing destination. To fully understand how the wind works at Lo Stagnone, it is important to know the main factors that influence it. Here is a detailed description:




Local Wind: The Stagnone of Marsala is influenced by a local wind system known as “Ponente” or “Tramontana.” These winds blow from northwest to southeast and bring steady wind conditions that are ideal for kitesurfing. This wind is known for its regularity and stability, being present for most of the year, particularly in the spring and summer months.

Thermals: Thermals are common in Lo Stagnone and contribute to the regularity of the wind. Thermals develop when water and air temperatures differ significantly, pushing warmer air upward and bringing colder wind from land to the lagoon. This process helps to keep the local wind constant.

Venturi effect: The shape of the lagoon and the narrow strip of land separating it from the open sea create a Venturi effect. This phenomenon amplifies the wind speed, making the wind stronger and more constant within the lagoon than in the surrounding areas. The Venturi effect is particularly evident when the wind blows from the northwest, contributing to optimal conditions for kitesurfing.

Seasonal Variations: While the wind is constant for much of the year, there are some seasonal variations to take into account. During the summer season, the wind may be slightly less constant than in spring and fall. However, the difference is not significant, and Lo Stagnone remains an excellent kitesurfing spot even in summer.


where to sleep in the stagnone

At Marsala Stagnone, there are several accommodation options that can accommodate a variety of preferences and budgets. Here are some of the common housing options in the area:

Hotels and Resorts: There are hotels and resorts of different luxury categories located in the vicinity of the Stagnone. These accommodations offer amenities, services, and often a panoramic view of the lagoon. They can be an ideal choice for those seeking a high-quality vacation experience.

Agriturismi: Marsala is famous for its agriturismi, which offer a combination of hospitality and traditional Sicilian food. These places are perfect for those who want an authentic, rural experience.

Vacation Homes and Apartments: Many visitors prefer to rent vacation homes or apartments. This option offers more independence and space for families or larger groups. A wide range of rental options can be found through online platforms.

Bed & Breakfast: Marsala also offers a good number of B&Bs. These accommodations offer a more intimate setting and often delicious breakfasts prepared by the hosts.

Camping: For nature lovers, there are campgrounds in the area that offer a more casual experience and often right on the beach.

Residence: Some residences in the area offer fully equipped apartments with separate kitchens and living spaces, ideal for extended stays or for those who want more independence.

When choosing where to stay, it is important to consider your personal preferences, budget, and proximity to the activities you plan to do at Lo Stagnone, such as kitesurfing. Also, book in advance, especially during the tourist season, to ensure the best options available.

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The stagnone in addition to kitesurfing: how to get around

Getting around the Stagnone: The Stagnone is located in an area between Marsala and Trapani, and several transportation options can be used to get around the area.

Distances from Marsala and Trapani:

  • Distance from Marsala to Lo Stagnone: About 10-15 kilometers depending on the specific area.
  • Distance from Trapani to Lo Stagnone: About 20-25 kilometers, depending on the exact location in Lo Stagnone.


    Car Rental Options:

    Car Rental: You can rent a car at the Trapani-Birgi airport, located nearby. This option offers maximum flexibility and allows you to explore the surrounding area comfortably. There are several car rental agencies at the airport and in the city.


    Scooter and Motorcycle Rental Options:

    Scooter and Motorcycle Rental: If you prefer more compact means of transportation suitable for local traffic, you can opt to rent a scooter or motorcycle. This is a popular option for exploring the narrower roads and scenic routes in the area.