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Our mission statement

If you are reading these words, you have probably taken the first step toward kitesurfing, and we are very happy about that because we think kitesurfing is the perfect solution to nourish your soul and maintain an active lifestyle by doing sports.

Kitesurfing can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age or gender.
learning kitesurfing at a school like marsala kitesurfing that uses its IKO and Fiv certified instructors is definitely the first step to take to have all the safety guarantees.

a good portion of our students already after six hours of lessons are able to make their first kitesurfing glides, of course the time it takes to learn kitesurfing depends on your predisposition and aptitude for sports in general.
If you have a backgroud of board sports such as snowboarding or wakeboarding your path will probably be downhill.

Our mission is to spread the volitions of this magnificent non-competitive but collaborative sport that will soon be an Olympic discipline ,

in general about kitesurfing courses

Our school will provide you with all the equipment you need for training (including wetsuit and shoes), so all you need to do is come with your bag, swimsuit, sunscreen and a lot of desire to have fun.

Once you have completed the course, or once you have completed the lessons, you can consider buying or renting your own equipment. In any case, our instructors will follow you through every stage of the course and even afterwards.

During the course you will always be followed and directed with the help of walkie-talkies.

Once you purchase the equipment, you will have no further costs: you will only need sea and wind, and fortunately, they are free!

Imagine the beautiful sensations of kitesurfing between sea and sky, and you will understand that the investment will be worth it. Doing something for ourselves is a real duty: let’s start here! Good course in Sicily Stagnone at Marsala Kitesurf.




kitesurfing courses


What you will learn:

Safe wind direction and conditions for kiting.
Determination of wind intensity, wind quality and wind direction.
Learn to assess hazards in the kitesurfing spot and other potential situations to watch out for.
Choose a safe spot to mount the kite.
Weather patterns, weather conditions, and conditions to avoid.
Assembling a kite and learning the various names of kite components.
Learn how to use the security system.
Learning to fly a kite.
Launch and land the kite with an assistant.
Walking while flying a kite.
Self rescue.
Learning to relaunch the kite in the water.
Body drag against the wind.
Maintain the correct position of the kite in the wind window.
Change direction while doing body-drag.
Enter and exit at the same point while doing body drag against the wind.
Body drag against the wind while holding the board with one hand.
Departures without and with the board.

kitesurfing courses stagnone

from zero to kiter

all inclusive

6 hours to your goal!

€ 360

Six hours of class that can be divided into 2 or 3 days

kitesurfing courses


The goal of the course is to improve and refine your technique, no matter if you want to learn to go upwind, learn to jump or make a handle pass, we are here to assist you.

These courses are held according to the needs and level of the kiteboarder.

Book your advanced kitesurfing lessons with us today!!!

kitesurfing courses stagnone

minimum recommended 2h lecture

the best opportunity to increase your technique

€ 140

2 hours of class time