downwind stagnone

downwind stagnone: 10 km of flat water

Downwind at Stagnone is ideal for groups of intermediate and advanced kiters.
A great way to explore the Stagnone!

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10 km downwind all along the pond

Downwind with mistral and other northerly winds

A local guide will be with you at all times during the downwind and will give you advice all along the way and plan stops.

Once you reach the arrival pick up point, a van will take you back to the start.

Since we will all be very tired and happy, we will offer you a refreshing drink upon arrival

Downwind with sirocco or other southerly winds

Even in the case of south wind starting from the beginning of the Stagnone Reserve (which you will reach in a comfortable van) after 2-3 hours of unrestrained kitesurfing you will arrive at Marsala Kitesurf. You will always be accompanied by an instructor who will be your guide to discover wonderful corners of nature in the Stagnone.

Transfer by van

Instructor assistance along the route.

drink included

€50 per person

experience of about 3 hours