Stagnone Lagoon Downwinder

The Stagnone Downwinder is ideal for groups of intermediate and advanced kiters.
What a great way to explore Stagnone!

A local guide will be with you all the time during the downwind and will give you tips all along the downwinder and plan the stops.

Once we will reach our arrival point, a van will bring you back to the starting.

As we will all be really thirty, we thought to offer you a nice cold beverage at arrival. Usually we provide soft drinks only, as going for a beer, may not be really wise(talking from experience here!!).

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Laguna dello Stagnone
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Stagnone Lagoon Downwinder is perfect if you like to ride with total freedom and lose yourself in the nature

Stagnone Lagoon Downwinder is what you need to do to satisfy your adventurous spirit!! The ride lasts more or less 2 hours, roughly 50kms (13km in straight line)!

Here you'll be free to try new tricks and ride in total freedom and far from the common and chaotic spots.

Flat and shallow water, constant wind and the amazing Mediterranean weather make this perfect spot a popular tourist destination all year. During the whole ride you will find yourself among awesome views, like salt pans, windmills and flamingos, making this experience unique.

If you have no equipment or you do not have the right size, is no problem, we will be able to rent it to you.

The Stagnone Lagoon Downwinder is a perfect way to bond with your old and new friends as it is an unforgettable .

Ask for more info at the reception if you are in Sicily already, or send us a message or WhatsApp.


 Free shuttle back the arrival point to the starting point.

Walkie Talkie

 Beer, water and snacks after the ride

For groups of intermediate kiters. A local guide will be with you all the time during the downwind and will give you tips and plan the stops along the way.

We will make stops along the way, observe nature and go in some hidden places. At the end of the downwind, a van will bring you back to the departure point.

The departure point will be decide one day prior the downwinder taking place. If the wind comes from south we will most likely meet near Villa Genna, while if it comes from north the meeting point will be near the fish tanks in the north of the lagoon.

The lagoon it is overall shallow ranging from 10 cm to 1 meter... the wind tends to be constant and picks up usually in the afternoon. The sizes commonly used in the spot are 9 to 15 meters but it may happen that a smaller kite will be required at occasions. The bottom of the lagoon is overall muddy and covered with seaweed. Stagnone is about 10 kilometers long.

Is highly suggested to of drink  a lot of water and use a sunscreen.

A wetsuit is advisable from mid-September to mid-May.


Coaching available at an extra charge, hourly rate €70
RENT Board and kite €70
RENT Kite €50
RENT Board €30


 Torre San Teodoro
Stagnone Kitesurf
Sicily Kite Academy

Residence Santa Maria
Marsala Kite House 
Punta Palermo
Villa Genna
Punta Arika


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