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Kite Catamaran

The Destination Sicily it is a great destination for nature lovers and food enthusiasts. We will be traveling between Marsala, Favignana, Levanzo, Stagnone Lagoon, Isola Lunga and Capo Feto. Every location has its own peculiarities.

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KiteSurf for Beginners

Learn to kitesurf the responsible way. Unlike many sports that you can teach yourself through trial and error, kitesurfing is a sport that requires the supervision of a qualified kitesurfing instructor. This is in the best interest of your own safety and the safety of other innocent kiteboarders. Besides, do you really want to risk …

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Advanced Kite Surfing

You’ve been happily ripping it up at several of your favorite spots. Kiteboarding is starting to get easy. Too easy! Time to shake things up! The kiteboarder him/herself will ask the instructor about improving some aspects he/she more wishes (jumps, specific figures and so on). Kitesurfing coach (3hrs/day on water)

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