KiteSurf for Beginners

If you are reading these words, you have probably made the first step towards kitesurfing and we are very glad of it because we think kitesurfing is the perfect solution to nourish your soul and keep a wealthy life style doing some sport.

Kitesurfing is for everyone, no matter your age or your sex, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy: be careful, there are lots of things to know before starting, because however it is an extreme sport.

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Learn to kitesurf the responsible way.

Unlike many sports that you can teach yourself through trial and error, kitesurfing is a sport that requires the supervision of a qualified kitesurfing instructor. This is in the best interest of your own safety and the safety of other innocent kiteboarders. Besides, do you really want to risk ripping that sexy new kite you just bought because you don’t know how to set it up correctly or launch and land it safely? Investing in a few lessons with a kiteboarding instructor will be money well spent, as you’ll not only become a safer more responsible kitesurfer, but you’ll also learn much quicker.

What do you need to start?

Our school will provide you with all the training equipment you need, so you really just need to come with your bag, swimsuit, sunscreen and loads of excitement, ready to have fun.

Once you’ve completed the course, or you’re in the final stages of your lessons, you can consider buying or renting your own gear. In any case, our instructors will stay with you in any step of your course and also after.

During the course you'll be always helped with the assistance of walkie-talkies.

Once bought your gear you won't have further costs: you will just need sea and wind and, fortunately, they are free! Imagine the good feeling while kitesurfing among sea and sky and you'll understand that the investment will be well worth. Doing something for ourselves is a real duty of ours: let's start from here!

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Beginner Classes (6 hours) Include:

  Safe wind directions and conditions for kiting.
  Determining the wind strength, quality of the wind and direction of the wind.
  Hazards at the kitesurfing spot and other potential hazards to look out for.
  Selecting a safe spot to set up your kite.
  Weather patterns, weather conditions and conditions to avoid.
  Set up a trainer kite and learn the various components of the kite.
  Learn how to use the safety system.
  Learn how to fly the kite.
  Launch and land the kite with an assistant.
  Walk and change directions while flying the kite.
  Self rescue.
  Learn how to water re-launch the kite.
  Body drag downwind.
  Maintain the correct kite position in the wind window.
  Change direction to the left and right while body dragging.
  Enter and exit at the same point while body dragging upwind.
  Body drag upwind while holding the board with one hand.
  Water start without and with board.